The PG Diploma course would be for one year-divided into four terms of three months each. The first term would comprise foundation course mandatory for all students. In the second term students can specialize in their field of interest—print, television, data journalism and new media. From the third term students would bring out their own newspaper, TV shows, online magazine and take classes in three elective courses chosen by them. During the fourth term students would do an internship of one month with a media house of their choosing and complete their dissertations on their given subjects. This would also include a short module on investigative journalism.

Foundation Courses

Reporting and writing are the central disciplines of journalism. The core of the AJI curriculum is an extensive series of lectures and workshops by professional journalists and experts on collection, dissemination and presentation of news.

Data Journalism

Data journalism is one of the newest streams of journalism. Students will be taught to deal with numbers, statistics, make sense of a large amount of data, compare and find trend and disseminate that information.

Elective Courses

To help students understand some vital issues which are current and would help them get an edge over other journalists. Students will be able to choose two from these courses which will be taught by journalists and experts.


All Students will be required to submit a project as part of their course. Topics will be decided with help of their teachers on the subjects of topical relevance which their will pursue as their projects individually